Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Newcastle Coins complies with the privacy laws applicable in Australia when collecting, using and sharing personal information of its clients.

Newcastle Coins website is maintained by Newcastle Coins on a server based in the USA. All attempts have been made to ensure personal information is kept secure.

Personal information maybe used by Newcastle Coins to conduct and improve its business and promote and market the products it sells.

Personal information maybe provided to a third party for the purpose of

    a) Producing and distributing marketing material on behalf of Newcastle Coins

    b) Companies providing IT or any other service to Newcastle Coins.

    c) Couriers or delivery services

    d) The police or any other law enforcement agency.

    e) As required by law.

Where information is provided to a third party it will only be used for the provision of services to Newcastle Coins and not for the use of any other third party except where required by law or where a criminal offense has occurred.

Credit Card information will be collected by a secure server and used for the purpose of paying for goods or services purchased from Newcastle Coins. Once used credit card information will not be stored either electronically or in any other form.

Newcastle Coins can not guarantee that information you provide will not be intercepted between you and our servers. This is because you and Newcastle Coins is relying on the internet for the transmission of data which is inherently insecure. Any information you transmit is therefore transmitted at your own risk and is not the responsibility of Newcastle Coins.

If you have any privacy concerns or wish to report any breaches of privacy please contact Newcastle Coins using the information provided on our Contact Us page.